The Colonization of Mars


 Mars terraforming  and colonization

OPERATION MARS : Program                                           planning 


THE TRUTH IS, WE CANNOT HAVE HOPE OF BEGINNING OPERATION MARS, until we have implemented OPERATION MOON, which will allow us to build the vessels with the vast shielding to be able to send humans to Mars without killing them with extreme radiation exposure.

    The terraforming of Mars, is likely a very long term project, which will require strategically landing and or crashing numerious water and gas heavy asteroids into MARS to seed it with water and gases over time to make it more hospitable to our forms of life which need more air and water.  Other than this, unless vast resources are found on Mars to water and add air to it, we will have little choice but to build deep underground tunnel systems for housing and use, for shielding and for holding in at Earth pressures the atmosphere of Mars which luckily for us, happens to be normal Earth air, but with too much CO2 and at too low a Pressure level.

    Therefore our underground colony can use the natural Mars air, but it must be compressed and held under pressure without fear of leaks and decompression, which means we must have underground sealed spaces to use as our colony.






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 The reality of colonizing Mars, will require great planning and efforts to work out all considerable bugs which can be predicted to occur, and finding ways to deal with them, solve for them, and allow for on the spot repairs and development / improvements on Mars itself. 

   This in essense means that to make Mars viable as a colony it must be not only self sustainable, but capable of progressive development and growth on it's own, with it's own energy and resources found and collected on Mars itself.

   Our mission is to make viable such a MARS colony, that it may serve the long term purpose of housing at least 13,000 humans as a security for the survival of our species, and to serve as the strategic staging and organizing point for making long term continuing use of the asteroid belt to lead upto and into OPERATION ASTEROID BELT, which will serve as the foundation for launching OPERATION ALPHA CENTAURI, and all the subsequent launches of our species colony ships to all the far reaches of our solar system and all the stars in the galaxy.